Bricojardin® is the Plasgot range of products aimed at DIY gardening to meet the needs of the final consumer.

The products of the Bricojardin® family share the same production processes and quality controls as the rest of our products; However, they are designed to meet the needs of the garden or small installations, and therefore only the necessary parts have been selected for this type of installation. The careful design of the container and the quantities used meet the needs of the end user.

The bags contain small quantities of items included in the catalog.

The DIY professional has Bricojardin® products in bags always labeled with the EAN 13 barcode.

The selection of products from the Bricojardín range and the rest of our products are available in our online store

Overflow spike Bag

Conical on-line dripper Bag

Self-compensation on-line dripper Bag

Bag adjustable on-line dripper

Bag overflow dripper

Bag micro-sprinkler

Bag 360º spray

Bag threaded diffuser

Bag tap connector

Bag correction

Valve bag

Stopper bag

Connection bag

Reduced connection bag

90º elbow bag

Union T bag

Reduced T bag

Micro-tube outlet connection bag

Micro-tube T joint bag

Dripper stopper bag

Simple spike bag

Spike and tube fastening bag

Punch bag 

PE tubing coil

PVC micro-tube bag 

In-line dripper bag


Mesh filter and attachments bag

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