MATERIALS: Body manufactured in reinforced polypropylene, joints in NBR, screw fasteners in bichromated iron (4 screws from diameter 63 mm.)

ASSEMBLY: In PE or PVC tubes provided that they conform to standards UNE 53428 (CPCB), UNE 53112 (PVC) or UNE 53131 (PE). Accessories with standard thread sizes are used to screw the flanges to the outlets. The temperature performance of the clamp saddles is identical to that of PE tubes. It is recommended that the installation should be checked before being installed underground and that PTFE is used for the screw-fastened joints.

QUALITY: Threads manufactured in accordance with standards UNE 19009, ISO R-7, DIN 2999 and UNI 338. BSP.

Simple water inlet clamp saddles

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