Adjustable on-line dripper

Very used dripper due to it simplicity, easy cleaning, regulation possibility and low price. It precission and uniformity is not so high than in other models, due to the labyrinth and adjustment in “screw” way. However, this dripper is the most sold when it is not raquired a high precission on the irrigation flow.
The used raw materials in the production are resistant to the agrochemicals products and also to the effects of the UV radiations

Material/s: Polypropylene copolymer resistant to agrochemicals and the effects of UV radiation.

Features: Approximately adjustable between 0 and 6 l/h. at 1 bar of pressure.

Assembly: Punch a locating hole in the tube using a 3 mm punch part number 1170/1158.

  • Detachable for easy cleaning.

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