Diversion outlets

Diversion outlets

Safety outlet

Safety outlet double joint for safety outlet

Double joint

XRT Outlet

XRT outlet double joint for safety outlet


Reduced connection

XRT Connector

Safety connection

Reduced safety connection

T union

Safety T


Reduced XRT T union

Reduced T union

Reduced safety T union

Inverted reduced T

Male thread T

Safety elbow

XRT Elbow

90º elbow


XRT Plug

Ring stopper

Dripper stopper 5x3mm

Tape double joint valve

Double joint pipe connectors valve

M.97 valve and sleeve

M.97 valve and threaded sleeve

Tape-pipe connectors valve

Safety valve

Thread-tape valve

Tape-tape valve

Attachment for tubes with spike

Simple spike

Hook for tube

Professional hole punch

Type UH punch

Professional punch

One piece attachment for tubes with spike

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