Dripper spike

The dripper spike is basically a spike with two sides. One of them is just a spike, the other one, a drip labyrinth. Both parts are sealed in a way that drips go through the spike to the land by the stick part of the spike, driving the water to your desired location.The dripper spike is very suitable for using with our self-compensating drippers, even though; they can also be connected directly to the tube.
By using water distributors, the dripper spike allows the distribution of water with a uniform flow.

Material/s: PE.

Features: The spike is 154 millimetres long.

Application: With PVC 6 x 4 mm / 6 x 4.5 mm EVA microtube. Max pressure recommended: 2 bar.

  • Maze designed to work in turbulent regime.
  • Use with microtube p.v.c. 4 x 6 mm / 4.5 x 6 mm eva.


    • Max recommended working pressure 2,0 bar.
    • Average flow at 1 bar: 2.34 l/h.
    • Coefficient of variation: 3.70%.
    • Flow/pressure curve: Q = 2,44156 x p 0,500294

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