Accessories made of PVC-U (Polyvinyl Chloride), by injection molding.


Union ports: DIN 8063, UNE 53112, ISO 727.

Dimensions and mounting dimensions: DIN 8063 and UNE 53112.

Complies with UNE 53112-88 behavior. Pipes according to UNE 53112 and DIN 8063 standards.

Working pressures (20ºC )

Glue accessories: Ø 20 to Ø140: PN 16 bar.

Threading accessories: PN: 10 bar.

Gluing recommendations

Use a THF-based adhesive for gluing. Test the installation before burial.

Instructions for a correct gluing:

1.- Determine the length of the tube.

2.- Cut the tube ensuring a perpendicular cut to its axis. Use suitable tools. 3.- Chamfer.

4.- Clean tube and accessory with solvent and a clean cloth, the surface must be matt. Do not touch the clean surface.

5.- Apply the adhesive, join the fitting and the tube butt without turning them, and hold for a few moments. Bond within one minute from the application of the adhesive. Eliminate the excess glue.

6.- Drying period: approximately 1 hour per pressure bar, 15 hours for PN10 and 24 for PN16 are recommended.

Glued female-female 90º elbow

Glued female sleeve

Glued female-threaded male combination sleeve

Glued female-threaded female combination sleeve

Glued female reduced tee joint

Glued female symmetrical T joint

3 part female-female union

Glued plug stopper

Reducing socket

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