• System without joint adapter socket.
  • Clamp design with arms, avoiding the traditional split clamp system, which has allowed us to improve the fit of the clamp on the tube. We obtain better fastening with less force.
  • Asymmetrical saw-tooth pattern on the clamp.
  • Clamp and tube cannot rotate during tightening.
  • To avoid losing it, the clamp cannot fall off even if the nut is fully undone. The O ring seal is also immobilised by the clamp.
  • The nut contains a stop. During assembly, the operator feels that the optimum installation position has been reached, which prevents any over-tightening.
  • Pn= 16 bar at 20ºC up to ø63 mm, Pn 10 bar ø75 mm.
  • BSPP (GAS) thread.
  • It is suitable for both PEBD and PEAD standardized pipes.
  • Use in low, medium and high density polyethylene tubes.
  • Designed to conform to UNE standards relating to mechanical unions for polyethylene tubes.

Loosen the nut almost to the end of the thread

On inserting the tube,  the pressure produced by the joint is felt initially, then passed, and then the tube is inserted up to the end stop.

Screw the nut up to the maximum.


Body: polypropylene.

Clamp: acetal resin.

Nut: reinforced polypropylene.

O ring seal: NBR.


1.- Loosen the nut to the maximum without needing to take it off completely.

IMPORTANT: do not remove the clamp from its seating.

2.- Insert the tube, ensuring that it passes over the O ring seal and reaches the grooves inside the part.

3.- Tighten the nut up to the end of travel stop.

  • Cut the tube off square.
  • Remove any imperfections from the outer edge of the part of the tube to be inserted into the fitting.
  • Ensure that the tube is clean so that the O ring seal fits perfectly to the contour.
  • Do not allow the tube to adopt a stressed position.
  • For the threads it is advisable to use ptfe tape.

Male thread connection

Female thread connection


Reduced coupling

90º elbow

90º elbow with female lateral screw

90º male thread elbow

90º female thread elbow

Threaded wall plate elbow

Symmetrical T joint

Male thread T joint

Female thread T joint

Reduced centre T joint

End stopper

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