MATERIALS: Body, ball, glued and threaded connections in PVC. Ball seats in EPDM, handle in PPFV, O ring seals in NBR. Complies with the specifications for alimentary applications.

CHARACTERISTICS: Nominal pressure PN = 16 bar at 20º C, oversized water flow opening handles with two positions and direction of flow indicators. Impossible for the shaft/ball to jam due to the pressure of the counternuts.

ASSEMBLY: The use of PTFE is recommended for threaded joints. The valves must not be stressed by the tubes of the installation.

STANDARDS: Threads: UNE 19009, DIN 2999, UNI 338, ISO R7 PE tube connections: UNE 53405, UNE 53406, 407, 408, ISO 3501, 3503, 3458 and 3459. Glued unions: UNE 53112, DIN 8063, UNI 7422, ISO 727, KIWA 54 and NF T54-028.

PVC female threaded valve

PVC male threaded valve


PE tube connection

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