PGV electrovalve with flow regulator

Professional level reinforced solenoid valve for any garden.

Hunter solenoid for intensive use with great durability. 24 VAC (ref. 50361 to 9V), starting current 475 mA, holding current 230 mA at 50 Hz.

  • Made in PVC and stainless steel for higher durability.
  • Manual starting if necessary.
  • Internal manual bleed. Easy to use and keeps valve box dry.
  • Flow control with non-rising handle (1.1/2″ and 2″). Adjust the flow of each zone on a system.
  • Rigid diaphragm support. Works to prevent stress failure in tough conditions.
  • Captive bonnet bolts and solenoid plunger. No lost parts during servicing.

– 1.1/2″: 19 cm. H. x 15 cm. W. x 11 cm. D.
– 2″:        20 cm. H. x 17 cm. W. x 13 cm. D.

Flow: see table in catalogue.

Pressure: 1,4 to 10,3 bar.

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