XC Controller (Outdoor)

This programmer has a small locked cabinet.

A masterpiece of modern technology that brings together the most desirable features, bundles them  in a small, attractive package, and makes everything simple and easy to use. Available in 4- and  6-station indoor and outdoor models, the EC offers all the features you would expect to find only  on more expensive units – on-screen water budgeting for seasonal adjustment, interval watering  options, station delay, one-touch manual start and advance and non-volatile memory 


  • Intuitive dial programming, with selector and interactive icons.
  • Seasonal adjustment (from 0% to 150%). Easy on-screen adjustment (in 10% increments) alters the 
    amount of watering to accommodate weather changes.
  • 3 programs with multiple start times. Accommodates repeat watering requirements, morning, 
    afternoon and evening
  • Large LCD display with interactive icons. At-a-glance viewing makes programming easy, 
    regardless of language.
  • Choice of independent day scheduling options. For maximum watering flexibility (select days of 
    the week or interval up to 31 days).
  • Rainfall sensor compatible. Incorporates hook-up capability to rain, moisture, and temperature 
    or wind sensors.
  • Non-volatile memory. Excellent insurance against unreliable power; retains current time, day 
    and program data


  • Compatible with Solar Sync and Hunter remote control.
  • Time per station: 0-4 hours in 1 minute increments.
  • Allows programming delay between stations.
  • Allows to activate 3 solenoids simultaneously.
  • Cycle starts: 4 daily per program, allows up to 12 daily starts.
  • Day programming: 7 calendar days or even / odd days with 365-day calendar.
  • Option clock A.M./P.M. or 24 h.
  • Manual operation very easy to use.
  • Transformer input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Transformer output: 26 VAC – 1.0 A.
  • Station output: 24VAC – 0.56 A.
  • The circuit breaker detects electrical shorts, skips the damaged station, and continues the watering cycle.
  • Protection against primary MOV discharges.
  • Non-volatile memory for program information. In case of no power supply, the programmer will keep the programming information and time for a period of about 4 weeks regardless of the 9 volt battery.
  • Lithium battery (3v) included. Not necessary to maintain programs.
  • Manual operation to bypass the rain sensor.
  • Indoor model dimensions: 16.5 cm. high x 14.6 cm. width x 5 cm. deep.
  • Exterior model dimensions: 22 cm. high x 17.8 cm. width x 9.5 cm. deep.

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