Overflow stick

The highflow stick offers a wide range of flow that we can obtain by turning the top piece, what makes it perfect for almost any situation. Every turn is divided in 16 “clicks” for a more precise adjustment. With pressures higher to 1 bar we can obtain flow of more than 100 l/h (see table).
It is offered with a microtube socket for connection to the irrigation branch.
The difference over the flood dripper is that having the same characteristics as a dripper, we get the added advantage that by sticking the dripper into the ground, we get a higher height and its position will be more stable since it is not affected by the movements of the tube. The height can be increased by adding the Re.1125 Simple spike, wich allows attaching one spike to another and to the flood stick. The initial length is about 14 cm, when adding pegs we will increase height and we can expand the radius of action of the irrigation and exceed the height of some plants.

Material/s: Made in a resistant material to agrochemicals and UV radiations effects.

Features: Adjustable from 0 to 60 l/h, with aprox. 1 bar pressure.

Assembly: Separate the microtube socket from the spike, drill the main tube (maximum thickness 3.8 mm.) With the 3 mm drill (ref. 11701158) and insert the socket from the “arrowhead” side. Join the socket and the spike with a microtube and stick the pickaxe into the ground.

  • Average flow at 1bar: 0 to 60 l / h. Approximately.
  • Maximum recommended working pressure: 3 bar.
  • Use with pvc microtube inner diameter 4 mm. Or microtube pe / eva inner diameter of 4.5 mm.
  • Adjustable, each lap is divided into 16 “clicks”.
  • It is not recommended to open more than 2 turns.

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